Isn’t wind chill calculation an inexact science anyway?

By January 15, 2016Uncategorised

By Carrie Komesch, Educator

The first students to arrive this morning began collecting large and small pieces of ice from one of the puddles that has formed as a result of the January rain. The ice consisted of many different textures and appearances. Some sections formed enormous sheets, others broke off in crisp transparent crystals. The students called it “mining”. (Interesting because yesterday’s class spent part of the morning “mining for metal,” AKA using sticks to chip away at the rocks and dirt still clutched in the upturned roots of a huge fallen tree.)

Oh, and the caution tape was their idea.


Later in the morning, we set of in search of deer. We did not find deer, but we did find more ice.



After lunch, I had the privilege of witnessing a dynamic lesson in structural physics, and a budding Jackson Pollock leaving her mark on the snow.



We of course had some cold fingers and toes this week, but our students are the smiling personification of the old adage that there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.












































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