Lesson 1: Understanding Risky Play — What is it and why does it matter?

Understanding Risky Play

Children are drawn to and seek out risky experiences. Why is it so important? Let’s understand the value of different kinds of risky play. 

You’re here because you’re looking to learn more about supporting risky play with children.  Perhaps you’re curious about the value of risky play for children. Maybe you’ve heard it’s valuable for children’s learning but you find it personally challenging. Perhaps it makes your tummy flip flop! Or maybe you’re comfortable with risky play and you’re looking to broaden your skills as an advocate. You might be a parent/caregiver seeking to learn skills to feel more confident in the choices you’re making. This online workshop will offer all of that. 

Supporting risky play with children is a dynamic, evolving and emergent process. Educators can build their toolkit of skills and experience, and still almost every risky play encounter will feel unique. This workshop will ask you to consider your own relationship with risk, share resources and current research on risky play, and discuss risky play and the law. We’ll share ways to speak about risky play with parents/caregivers and stakeholders, and offer strategies for supporting children during play on the land as risky play emerges.

So, welcome! We’re happy you joined us.