Incorporate nature-based play and learning into your practice.

Introduction to Forest and Nature School

This is an outdoor, experiential workshop for everyone interested in learning more about the theory and practice of Forest and Nature School (FNS). This workshop is especially recommended for those who want to learn more about FNS prior to committing to our year-long Practitioners Course. Participants will learn about play-based learning and how to support risky play, specifically, emergent curriculum and inquiry-driven learning, as well as planning and delivery of FNS programs. Participants will leave the workshop with a broad understanding of FNS theory and practice, and, if they are educators, a sense of how they could interweave FNS into their current teaching practice.

Upcoming Dates:

Intro to Forest and Nature School Workshop2 days

$ 250

per personBased on a two day workshop.

Risky Play Workshop

We are now offering this workshop as an online course!
Find it here

This outdoor, experiential workshop explores the importance of risky play in childhood development, learning, and health. Participants will examine play types in both educational and recreational settings, and will explore how to support children engaging in risky play while still fulfilling the duty of care, for example, as an educator and/or care provider. Participants will also learn how to develop and conduct risk/benefit assessments, how to include children in the assessment and management of risk, and will examine how all of these risk assessments can be done within their own specific educational or recreational settings.


Risky Play Workshop2 days

$ 250

per personBased on a two day workshop.

Outdoor Play First Aid

This will be a comprehensive two-day (16 hour) first aid course, equivalent to the Red Cross’ Standard First Aid Certification, with the added value of having been expressly designed by the Child and Nature Alliance of Canada for those who support children and families in outdoor play in near-urban settings. During this course we will learn life-saving first aid skills, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), choking protocol, anaphylaxis protocol, AND focus on factors that affect outdoor play such a poisonous flora and fauna (i.e. poison ivy and ticks), injury prevention information and skills, and childhood injuries and illnesses. There will be a heavy emphasis on practical skills, practice, and scenarios, all rooted in the context of outdoor play. This course includes the most up-to-date and evidence-based first aid and CPR guidelines, and meets legislation requirements for provincial/territorial early childhood education and day care worker safety training. Participants will be issued a Red Cross Standard First Aid certification card upon completion.

Upcoming Dates:

Outdoor Play First Aid Course2 DAYS

$ 230

per person Pricing based on 10-16 people per group.

Study Tour

Come and tour the Ottawa Forest and Nature School with us! This is a three-hour, highly interactive tour that includes the chance to observe the children at play in our programs, explore our site, and ask unlimited questions of an experienced Forest and Nature School educator. Tours take place entirely outdoors in all weather, and unfold in keeping with the Forest and Nature School ethos – in an emergent, inquiry-driven, and learner-directed way.

Upcoming Dates:

Study Tour at Ottawa Forest & Nature School3 hours

$ 500

per group Pricing based on group of 25 people (max).

About Our Workshops

What is the difference between the Workshops and the Forest and Nature School Practitioners Course?

Each of our workshops offers something different, be it a taste of Forest and Nature School or a deep dive into supporting opportunities for risk-taking in children’s play. The workshops are ideal for anyone and everyone looking to support play and learning in the outdoors, across sectors.

The Forest and Nature School Practitioners Course is intended for educators or those with similar backgrounds who are interested in starting their Forest and Nature School programs, or in incorporating elements of the philosophy into their practice. The Practitioners Course is a significant, year-long commitment, while the workshops are less so!

Are the workshops for individuals or groups?

Both! We offer workshops at our headquarters, the Ottawa Forest and Nature School, throughout the year. Any interested individuals can register. We also work with organizations to tailor or workshops to meet your needs, in a location convenient for you.

Are there prerequisites for the workshops?

No, the workshops are designed for anyone and everyone looking to support play and learning outdoors in their practice, from all sectors.

There are no dates listed above. When is the next workshop and how can I register?

Workshop dates will be posted as they are scheduled. Please check back frequently! If you are interested in booking a workshop for your group, please get in touch with us to find a convenient time and location for you.

Where do you offer the workshops?

We often host workshops at our headquarters at the Ottawa Forest and Nature School, but we can facilitate workshops across the country. Please get in touch with us for more information.